Experienced with highly skilled migrants

We distinguish ourselves in four ways:


  1. Background in IT
    We have been that client, who was looking for a certain profile and received piles of CV’s and constant phone calls regarding unsuitable candidates instead. We understand that nothing is more frustrating. Time is precious. Therefore, we strive for that perfect match. And with our IT background, we can!
  2. Large and varied offer
    Due to our worldwide recruitment network, we do not have to limit ourselves to the borders of the Netherlands when it comes to talent. We are able to find profiles, which are hard to find, or cannot be found at all.
  3. Unique pre screening tool
    A large offer allows us to be critical. Each candidate is tested on their technical skill level. We use our own technical platform for this screening. It is called ‘TechAnalyze’, which we developed ourselves. Only the 30% best candidates will be invited for a personal interview.
  4. All in 1
    There is no difference to us between a Dutch candidate and a foreign professional. They can both start within one month. We are doing everything within our power to ensure that our clients experience the same.
How do U2?

It all began in 2015, with the matching of IT Professionals from around East Europe with Dutch companies. Similar to the famous trainstation in Berlin called ‘Zoologischer Garten’, which connects the East with the West, as well.


Also, ‘ZooStation’ is a track from U2. Remco has always been a big fan of the Irish rockband and noticed some similarities.We don’t compromise when it comes to talent and we are constantly improving our business. Also, we believe in positive and sustainable relationships with our clients.

Frequently asked questions

What type of IT Professionals do you offer?

We can offer any profile. Even those special profiles that are hard to fulfil. Our Recruiters work globally. Therefore, we receive a wide offer of IT Professionals. This allows us to be critical. Nowadays, the following profiles are very popular: Salesforce Developers, Java Developers, .NET Developers, QA Engineers, and Frontend Developers within different frameworks such as React and Angular.

Make sure to keep an eye on our ‘IT Professionals’ page!

How do you manage to find candidates abroad?

We have an international network of recruiters. Together, we are constantly looking for new talent.

Do you interview all candidates personally?

Yes! The 30% best tested candidates are invited for a personal interview. During this interview, we look at someone’s motivation to work (in the Netherlands) and their English or Dutch speaking skills. Also, we make sure that there are no relocation blockers. We discuss the salary and notice period, as well.


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