No concessions

Due to the deficiency of IT Professionals, in the Netherlands, a lot of unsuitable candidates are being hired.


We do not compromise. We select worldwide and will find those suitable candidates!


We are a one-stop-shop and will take care of your recruitment, relocation, and onboarding. Everything will be arranged for our clients as well as our candidates.

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Ontdek hoe wij met onze werkwijze andere, betere, IT Professionals vinden die wél aansluiten op jouw project en je organisatie

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Frequently asked questions

Can I make an appointment to get acquainted, first?

Yes, we would like that very much. We appreciate a personal approach in everything. Before we start a search to find your new colleague, we would like to introduce ourselves to you and explain how we work. However, you will be our centre of attention. We will try to get a perfectly clear picture of you. We should know exactly what type of candidates and technical skills would suit your project(s) and company. A perfect match is not easily made.


Due to the COVID-19 virus all appointments take place, remotely.  

Why are you able to find other 'better' IT Professionals?

Because of our worldwide recruitment network, we can find those ‘rare’ profiles, as well. Also, the high offer allows us to be critical. We prefer quality over quantity. Each candidate is tested on our technical platform. Just 30% of all tested candidates will be invited for a personal interview. Only ‘the one’ will be introduced to you.

How many candidates do you offer to fulfil a vacancy?

As little as possible. Everyone is busy and time is precious. Therefore, we try to unburden you as much as possible. Our personal meeting, the wide offer from which we can choose, and our unique pre-screening on our technical platform, contributes to our matchmaking process.



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