IT Professionals

What type of IT Professionals do you offer?

We can offer any profile. Even those special profiles that are hard to fulfil. Our Recruiters work globally. Therefore, we receive a wide offer of IT Professionals. This allows us to be critical. Nowadays, the following profiles are very popular: Salesforce Developers, Java Developers, .NET Developers, QA Engineers, and Frontend Developers within different frameworks such as React and Angular.

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Where are your IT Professionals coming from?

From all over the world. However, our focus lies on Europe, North and South America, and Australia.


When can your IT Professionals start in the Netherlands?

This is dependent on someone’s personal situation. In general, it takes 4-5 weeks. 


What is the difference between IT Professionals who are ‘directly available’ or ‘soon’?

Candidates who are available directly, live in the Netherlands already. Therefore, they can start immediately or very soon. Candidates who are available ‘soon’, already have a visa. However, they still need to take notice and move to the Netherlands.


Why are you able to find 'other, better, IT Professionals’?

Because of our worldwide recruitment network, we can find those ‘rare’ profiles, as well. Also, the high offer allows us to be critical. We prefer quality over quantity. Each candidate is tested on our technical platform. Just 30% of all tested candidates will be invited for a personal interview. Only ‘the one’ will be introduced to you.


How many candidates do you offer to fulfil a vacancy?

As little as possible. Everyone is busy and time is precious. Therefore, we try to unburden you as much as possible. Our personal meeting, the wide offer from which we can choose, and our unique pre-screening on our technical platform, contributes to our matchmaking process.

I cannot find the profile that I am looking for, what are my options?

Please contact us, immediately. We have a very wide range of recruiters, who are active globally and are constantly looking for IT talent. The odds are that we will have an available candidate for you, very soon. 

I am interested in one of your IT Professionals, what should I do now?

Please click on ‘interested’ in the CV. Then, we will receive a notification automatically. Within 24 hours, we will contact you.

How we work

How do you manage to find candidates abroad?

We have an international network of recruiters. Together, we are constantly looking for new talent.

Do you interview all candidates personally?

Yes! The 30% best tested candidates are invited for a personal interview. During this interview, we look at someone’s motivation to work (in the Netherlands) and their English or Dutch speaking skills. Also, we make sure that there are no relocation blockers. We discuss the salary and notice period, as well.

Can I make an appointment to get acquainted, first?

Yes, we would like that very much. We appreciate a personal approach in everything. Before we start a search to find your new colleague, we would like to introduce ourselves to you and explain how we work. However, you will be our centre of attention. We will try to get a perfectly clear picture of you. We should know exactly what type of candidates and technical skills would suit your project(s) and company. A perfect match is not easily made.


How long does the visa process take?

After sending your visa application to the IND, it takes about 1-2 weeks for them to approve it, after which you will visit the embassy to collect your visa.

Can my family join me?

Yes! Your spouse and/or kids are welcome too. We want you to feel at home! We will apply for all visas, at the same time ;-).



Can I arrange my own housing?

Sure. However, we do not recommend it. Finding a suitable apartment in the Netherlands, is tough due to the low offer and the very high demand. Also, there are a lot of untrusty property owners out there. Our real estate agent will make sure that you end up in a nice apartment, rent it from a trustworthy property owner or agency, and she will check your rental agreement thoroughly. For example, to make sure that you can register in the Netherlands.

What does the application process look like?

Firstly, we’ll have a close look at your CV to determine whether you are a Medior or Senior IT Professional. Then, we will invite you for our technical screening. Once you have passed the technical screening, we will schedule a Skype interview with you.


In what language should my CV be?

In English



Who will arrange my relocation when I get hired?

We will! Check out our page ‘For expats’ and our frequently asked questions to get an idea.