Why ZooStation?

How would you describe the core business of ZooStation?

ZooStation brings the best tested IT experts from all over the world to The Netherlands. This could be physically by relocating them, but also by a remote contract to work from abroad. We do this for Dutch companies which are looking for experienced IT experts. Our mission is to solve the IT expert shortage in The Netherlands, and make hiring an expat as easy as hiring Dutch experts for our clients.


What differentiates you from your competitors?

Our unique search for the endless potential of candidates which is spread all over the world, and the fact that we also test them technically, as almost no one is doing that. There is no other company that makes it this simple to hire IT experts from abroad. Next to that, we have an IT expertise of more than 15 years and know what we talk about.


Why should an expat choose working via ZooStation?

ZooStation has a lot of clients with challenging and interesting IT projects. Via ZooStation, it is guaranteed candidates get the best possible attention when applying, relocating, but are also assured of interesting projects for stable clients in The Netherlands. Additionally, ZooStation can also help in the second step in your career.


Are you in a regular touch with your employees?

There is a lot of contact, especially in the beginning, as the relocation process requires a lot of attention. After our employees arrive in The Netherlands, we provide long-term support and attention for all the things that need to be to arranged here. And of course, after all this, we organise teambuildings on a regular basis.


What other services next to secondment does ZooStation provide?

ZooStation can help with temporary IT projects, but can also assist with building your own IT department or Agile teams. We see that a lot of companies struggle to find good experts who are still willing to be an employee and not a contractor. We can with certainty find IT experts who want to commit for a long time and be an employee.


Where do you see your business in 5 years?

ZooStation will be the IT hub in Europe where candidates can find jobs all over the EU; through relocation or a remote work construction. We will continue working with clients from different EU countries, helping them with our IT knowledge and worldwide network.


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