Senior Salesforce Developer
– 19 years of experience
– Fluent English Speaker
– Passed the technical assessment
– Available per 01-02 for 40 hours a week
– Basic Dutch and still learning

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Main skills
Other skills
Visualforce | Apex | jQuery + Javascript Remoting | Aura Components |  Cloudsense Orchestrator | Cloudsense CPQ | Lightning Web Components | Salesforce Canvas Apps | Java (hibernate, Struts, and JMS) | Oracle (8i (PL/SQL) | Websphere ESB | SOAP | Asterisk AMI and AGI | XMPP | X400 | PHP 4+, 5.2+ | Yii framework | jQuery UI | MySQL 4.5+ | UML 2.0 | .NET 2.0 and 3.5 | AJAX.NET | C# | NHibernate | NAnt | SQL Server 2000, 2005 | Symfony 1.1+ | CakePHP | Firebird SQL | mySQL 5+ | Microsoft Visual | Studio | UML 2.0 | BPM | SAP Netweaver | Sun Microsystems Java EE | OFX | Microsoft Money | IBM DB2 | IBM Websphere MQ Series | Visual Basic 5 | C/C++ | ASP | OS/400
Senior Salesforce Developer

2019/10 – 2020/02

VodafoneZiggo, Utrecht, the Netherlands

As a SF Architect and Senior Developer, provide recommendations and custom code on the Salesforce platform to build a solution for the delivery of services. Also, implemented many of them; coding/configuring Salesforce.

Specialized on Service Delivery side of business, helping the company to build automation solutions for delivery: integrating the SF platform with other apps in the ecosystem, gathering requirements for integration, designing solutions for planning delivery, provisioning, assigning services to the right teams on the right region, supporting customers with field engineers when appropriated, connecting the delivery process with marketing tools, billing system, data analytic tools, and building dashboards and KPIs for different delivery teams. Many of those software deliverables were built using Cloudsense Orchestrator, Apex and Lightning Web Components.

Technologies/tools implicated: Visualforce, Apex, Jquery + Javascript Remoting, Aura Components, Cloudsense Orchestrator, Cloudsense CPQ, and Lightning Web Components.

Freelance Salesforce Senior Developer

2015/01 – Present

Humantelligence Inc. (International IT Services, Medellín, Colombia)

Developed a CanvasApp for adapting their “Culture Fit” application to Salesforce environment. The application is an advanced integration via Canvas to their main application which can be used in their main website.

Technologies/tools implicated: Visualforce, Apex, Jquery + Javascript Remoting, Aura Components, and Salesforce Canvas Apps.

Salesforce Senior Developer

2015/10 – 2016/03

V.O.I.Q. Inc. (California based startup for call centre services)

Developed the Call Center app in Platform.

The application is a Visualforce application (can be used in Lightning too), which is connected via API to their main web application for call campaigns. It uses integration via APIs and advanced task queuing.

Technologies/tools implicated: Visualforce, Apex, and Jquery + Javascript Remoting.

Senior Software Developer / Salesforce Developer

2013/10 – 2016/03 

IG Services S.A.S. (Intergrupo) (International IT Services, Medellín, Colombia)

-As a senior software developer, has participated in a continuity program on Bancaseguros software platform, at Suramericana de Seguros.
-Participated on a team, who developed USSD platform to communicate Suramericana with Tigo Mobile, in order to sell assurance by USSD. Web Services on IBM Websphere (Websphere ESB, Websphere Integration Developer) and Java, Hibernate, Struts, and JMS, were used.
-Has participated on SOAP and BPM projects, through IBM Websphere suite.
-ADM-201 certification, on Salesforce Basic Administration.
-DEV-401, as professional developer on platform.
-App for profile classification using IBM Cognitive App with Node.js + Angular + Express + IBM Watson
Visualforce application for VOIQ (

Technologies/tools implicated: Java(Hibernate, Struts, JMS), Oracle 8i (PL/SQL), Websphere ESB, Websphere Integration Developer, and SOAP.
Salesforce stack: Visualforce, Apex, and Jquery + Javascript Remoting.Welcome to – your online plain text editor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.

IT Project Manager, PHP Senior Developer

2006/06 – 2007/09

PSG Solutions (CRM Consulting, Medellín, Colombia)

Solutions Architect for software development area, implementing custom solutions for SugarCRM.

Technologies/tools implicated: Asterisk AMI, AGI, XMPP, SOAP, X400, PHP 4+, 5.2+, Yii framework, jQuery, jQuery UI, mySQL 4.5+, and Javascript jQuery.

Business Development Executive, PHP Developer, Voip Developer

2008/01 – 2012

Ermes Consulting S.A.S. (IT Consultancy services, Medellín, Colombia)

-Worked as an executive, software architect, and VOIP engineer.
-Development of many customizing solutions for Asterisk with PHP+AGI+AMI.
-IBM Websphere MQSeries implementation for customer Bancolombia (banking) and IG Services SAS
(software), where participated as an integration Consultant for IBM Websphere, in the INNOVA project in Bancolombia.

Technologies/tools implicated: UML 2.0, .NET 2.0 and 3.5, AJAX.NET, C#, NHibernate, NAnt, SQL Server 2000, 2005, PHP 4, PHP 5.2 , Yii framework, Symfony 1.1+, and CakePHP

Software Architect, Web Experts Center

2006/06 – 2007/09

Repsol YPF S.A. (Petroleum industry, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Solutions Architect for software development area, developing frameworks (ORM, business and presentation layer), documentation for the software standardization, using.
Development for SAP Netweaver y WebDynpro platforms, using J2EE s/Eclipse.

Technologies/tools implicated: Microsoft Visual Studio, UML 2.0, BPM,.NET 2.0 and 3.5, AJAX.NET, C#, NHibernate, NAnt, NSQL Server 2000, 2005, Java (JSF, JSP, Struts) and SAP Netweaver for Java

Functional Analyst / Senior Developer

2005/01 – 2006/07

Team Quality S.A. (Software Consultancy Services, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Functional analyst and software architect in Treasury Management System for the customer GE Financial Services, using Oracle 9i, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, C++, and in-house development.

Technologies/tools implicated: Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET 3.5/4.0, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DBMS, and PL/SQL.

Senior Developer

2004/02 – 2004/12

Santander Río S.A. (Banking Services, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Designed, developed, and supported in various projects for Foreign Trade, Stocks, and Titles Area, using DBMS Oracle and .NET (Web forms, Win forms, and Web Services) over Oracle DBMS.

Technologies/tools implicated: Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET 3.5/4.0, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DBMS, and PL/SQL.

IT Project Manager, Senior Developer

2003/02 – 2003/05

G.B.M. Dominicana S.A. (IT Services, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Developed the export OFX transactions Project for the customer Banco Profesional (currently Bancrédito) (developed in Java JSF, Struts and Oracle Application Server).

Technologies/tools implicated: Oracle DBMS (8i), Sun Microsystems Java 6 EE, OFX, and Microsoft Money.

Consultant, Architect, Project Leader, and Senior Developer

2002/06 – 2003/03

Banco Popular Dominicano S.A. (member of Popular Group, Santo Domingo, Dom Republic)

Was an Architect and Project leader on Internet Banking redesign and improvement. It boosts performance and functionality in every cannel (web and mobile), in about 200% respect the old sytem, including multimoney transactions and integrate many banking products and third party companies. Developed and supported in various minor internal projects.

Technologies/tools implicated: Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM Websphere MQ Series, Visual Basic 5, C/C++, ASP, and OS/400.

Independent IT and Logistic Services Provider

2001/02 – 2001/10

ARCOR S.A.I.C. (international food industry, Córdoba, Argentina)

-Led the IT Support team for the 50th birthday, which was an international event with more than 1500 attendants, including those who had the president of Argentina, the Governor of the Cordoba Province, and country’s business headlines.
-Developed a web application for the registration of guests, resource planning, hotel management, and cost control.
-Led the call center support team mounted especially to meet the needs of hotels and transportation from VIP guests.
-Authored the IT contingency plan.
-Authored the event multimedia presentation. With that tool, the event won the 2001 Eikon award to the best Latin-American event of the year. The consulting firm, who developed the event, won the 2001 PPRR Golden Eagle award in Argentina.

Technologies/tools implicated: Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic 5, C/C++, and ASP.

Computer Engineering, Bachelor degree


Blas Pascal University (Córdoba, Argentina)

Project Management (P.M.I.), Postgraduate


National Technological University, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Systems Analyst degree


Instituto Educación Superior IES siglo XXI (Córdoba, Argentina)

Certificates / Courses:

Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer

Salesforce Application Architect

Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer

Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer

Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Platform Builder

Salesforce Platform Developer I

Salesforce Platform Developer II


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