We will arrange your relocation to the Netherlands

Curious about a challenge abroad? We can offer you a package deal. Not only do we provide full assistance in your relocation to the Netherlands – we will find that amazing job for you, as well!



Become a highly skilled migrant

We have a special status at the IND (the organization for immigration) as an ‘acknowledged sponsor’. Therefore, we can apply for your visa. Once your visa is arranged, we will arrange an appointment for you at the embassy in the country of your residence. Also, we will arrange housing for you and provide guidance with everything there is to arrange in the Netherlands such as a Dutch bank account and health insurance.


Work on interesting projects at Dutch companies

We are working with the largest and most interesting employers in the Netherlands such as telephone companies, banks, and software companies, which are all working with cutting edge technologies. The Netherlands are investing a lot in startups creating companies that will make a difference in the future. They are working with IoT, blockchain, and other innovative solutions. Let us find that amazing project and suitable employer for you!


So, don’t hesitate to apply for that dreamjob!

Frequently asked questions

How long does the visa process take?

After sending your visa application to the IND, it takes about 1-2 weeks for them to approve it, after which you will visit the embassy to collect your visa.

Can my family join me?

Sure! Your spouse and/or kids are welcome too. We want you to feel at home! We will apply for all visas, at the same time ;-).


Who will arrange my housing?

Of course. However, we do not recommend it. Finding a suitable apartment in the Netherlands, is tough due to the low offer and the very high demand. Also, there are a lot of untrusty property owners out there. Our real estate agent will make sure that you end up in a nice apartment, rent it from a trustworthy property owner or agency, and she will check your rental agreement thoroughly. For example, to make sure that you can register in the Netherlands.

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