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Our Medior and Senior IT Professionals are available for IT projects, in the Netherlands.


They already have a valid residence permit, are tested, interviewed, and can start directly or within one month!

Everyone is on assignment! Looking for an IT Professional? Contact us!

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between IT Professionals who are ‘directly available’ or ‘soon’?

Candidates who are available directly, live in the Netherlands already. Therefore, they can start immediately or very soon. Candidates who are available ‘soon’, already have a visa. However, they still need to take notice and move to the Netherlands.


I am interested in one of your IT Professionals, what should I do now?

Press the button ‘interested’ in the CV. Then, we will receive a notification automatically. Within 24 hours, we will contact you.

I cannot find the profile that I am looking for, what are my options?

Please contact us, immediately. We have a very wide range of recruiters, who are active globally and are constantly looking for IT talent. The odds are that we will have an available candidate for you, very soon.



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